New year, with a resolution for recovery.

Sorry for summing this months theme up on the wrong side of new years eve but I have been busy focusing on recovery myself ;) Like many areas within yoga and mindfulness, recovery is such an easy thing to understand and to agree upon being important, but still such a hard thing to accomplish. I often think of the fact that we in todays modern society value learning and education so highly. We all take pride in our own and our children’s achievements and that pride is of course important for our motivation. BUT, a big but, in all math, religion, English, gymnastics and whatever current hobby, when do we stop and think about what else we might have to learn our children? To stand up for themselves, to be kind towards each other, to listen to their bodies and needs, to develop a healthy relationship to food, to money, and to consumption.

In line with this months theme, when are we going to start to value teaching our children recovery. I see so many adults today not giving themselves enough space for recovery, myself included during periods of time. Every time that happens to me I wish that society would value taking care of oneself much higher than we do today. Why? Because the link to mental illness and feelings of dissatisfaction is so clear and because this everlasting hamster wheel of doing instead of being brings so much suffering to the world. My new mantra that I am trying to tell myself everyday as a reminder to break old habits is ”well-being before achievement”. Let’s make this year about well-being. About giving each other time to think, feel, rest, be close, forget about time and do whatever serves our well-being in the best way. May you all have a very fine start of 2019!

With warmth,