On what lies ahead for YOMI

This month we have decided to focus on what is ahead of us. On Insta this month I have tried and describe what goes on in our mind planning for the great opening of our yoga- and psychotherapy center this fall. I've talked about the different pillars we will be built on and how our values shall lead us. I believe you have already got a great picture of what will happen at Raja and YOMI this fall so here I will instead try and describe WHY I am doing this.

WHY open a yoga- and psychotherapy center? Why become a yoga teacher at all? Or a psychologist? I may not be the most fitted person to have any of these titles. I am a person with intensive and explosive temperament. I have easy access to both happiness and anger. I am impulsive and at the same time in need of my own, very well built structure, to manage my many vulnerabilities, like chronic pain and ADHD. I think not being seen as a typical psychologist or yoga instructor was what attracted me to it. Both the interesting people within these topics, from whom I've learned so much, but also the fact that I might be able to expand peoples views on how a yoga instructor or psychologist look like and act. For my own development, I wanted to learn for myself how to relax, be warm and gentle and listen to others with patience. And even though I might be better than many others at this after years of training, other areas might be why some get helped by me. I have noticed that many people describe me as a brave person in therapy and in the yoga room. Someone who can make people laugh. A person who can bring energy or be creative and try something totally new. These things also come in handy many times in therapies or during yoga sessions. 

I often doubt myself as a psychologist and yoga instructor and I know, by own experience, that there are people out there doing this better than me. But I believe in myself enough and am certainly to curious not to try and see if I can make this center a place where people can be free to express their bodies and minds in ways they have never done before. To be calm, brave, fierce, warm, relaxed or whatever they feel like. This center, I hope, will be a place where you should be free, but also safe. Safe that our values will make sure you are treated with respect and free enough to experience what your needs are to be able to feel as good as you can. That is my hope for myself as well as for everyone else. 
- Maria

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